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Dr Maria Cronyn graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1999.  With a focus on Homeopathy became a Diplomat of the Homeopathic Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  Practicing primarily in New York and Southern Ontario Canada, and now arriving in Vermont.  Dr Cronyn has accrued years of experience and wisdom in treating patients using Naturopathic Medicine in new and innovative ways.  IV therapy, nutrigenomics, scientific methods of homeopathy and, mistletoe therapy for cancer are some of the areas of certification to find new ways to treat patients.  

Dr Cronyn has had a great deal of experience in Neurology and Counseling for PTSD and coupling Homeopathy with issues of the brain and nervous system.  Having specialized for years in Autism and pediatrics, the widening to other neurological conditions was natural.  The use of Homeopathy in Psychotherapy and Counseling for PTSD, other trauma, mental health issues, family crisis, and addiction is the need to be filled today in our health system.   

"Do you hate the idea of taking pharmaceuticals for your chronic or acute ailments?   Do  you to have to depend on medication for your daily life?   I teach self-care, streamline supplements to assure deep nutritional balance based on genetic panels to verify the needs of your body.    I coach and support your nutritional lifestyle changes to optimize success and actually enjoy the self-care journey that will introduce you  to your authentic self.  

I strive to always prevent the need for excessive pharmaceuticals with nutritional, botanical, and homeopathic medicines.  If you do require medications, we can minimize them and support your body to detoxify to reduce unwanted side effects and optimize the medications positive effects.  What could be better?"

Dr. Cronyn works with all major insurance providers in Vermont. (Medicaid, BCBS Vermont, Cigna, MVP)

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