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Salutogenesis looks at how individuals can create, enhance and improve health.  

Join us for a fun and supportive community that focuses on strategies, environments and lifestyle choices that empower individuals to experience the full spectrum of life.

Sprout events aim to equip parents and parents-to be with the knowledge, tools and resources to optimize the health of their families. It's about learning and building strategies that allow for your body and mind to know health as a natural state.

All events, unless otherwise specified, will be held at Precision Chiropractic (Williston, Vermont). Join us when you can, bring a friend and leave with more tools and resources to help you and your family create higher levels of health and well-being. 

Most of the events are free to attend and you do not need to RSVP. Events that do require registration/admission fee will be clearly stated.

Upcoming Events:

Summer/Fall Schedule:

June 28th- Reducing toxicity in your home-DIY natural household cleaners and laundry detergent, 6:30pm

Go Green in your home! Come learn how to make natural, safe and effective household cleaners and laundry detergent. We can all benefit from decreasing our exposure to toxic chemicals and if we have family members with sensitive skin/bodies, allergies and asthma, then it is a must. Replacing your store bought cleaners and detergents is safer and a lot more affordable. Join us for an evening of community, connection and creating healthier living for your family. Take home recipes and samples of what you make! Free to attend, no children please.


July 26th- Brain Dance Workshop, 10am (Registration required, $20 per person)

The developmental movement patterns wire the central nervous system laying the foundation for sensory-motor development and life long learning. When patterns are missed or disrupted there may be missing gaps in a person's neurological development. These gaps can cause neurological dysfunction that may later appear as learning disabilities, behavior disorders, memory problems, sleep disorders, speech, balance or filtering problems, and a host of other difficulties that may disrupt the flow of normal development. Cycling through the BrainDance patterns on a daily basis may correct flaws in a person's perceptual process and reorganize the central nervous system to better develop proprioception, balance, attention, memory, eye-tracking, behavior, sensory integration, and motor skills. Neurological repatterning coordinates all parts of the brain and body for emotional, social, and cognitive balance.

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It is comprised of eight developmental movement patterns that healthy human beings naturally move through in the first year of life. As babies, we did these movements on our tummies, sides, and back on the floor. However, cycling through these patterns at any age, daily or weekly while sitting or standing, has been found to be beneficial in reorganizing our central nervous system. Repeating these patterns over time may help us fill in any missing gaps in our neurological system due to birth trauma, illness, environment, head injury or not enough floor time as a baby.


August 23rd- DIY Goat Milk Bar Soap, 6:30pm

Join us for a fun and adventurous night of learning how to make goat milk bar soap! For anyone who has sensitive skin, this is a class for you! Hilary will be doing a live demonstration as she walks us through all the necessary steps so we can make milk or water bar soap at home in the future.  Goggles and hand gloves will be provided. Guests will bring a bar of soap home with them! Event is $5 per person to attend, no children please. 


September 20th- Pediatric Inflammation Workshop, 6:30pm

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